Vanilla Orchid is a high water content plant. It is with 92% water content in leaves, and 89% water content in vines.

Vanilla orchids should be watered regularly. Growing the Vanilla Orchid requires extra humidity and air circulation and this can often be difficult to achieve unless you are growing them in a greenhouse where you are able to control humidity levels in between 70%~80%.

You can also cover the roots with some wood chips, dead leaves or straw to keep moisture in Vanilla Orchid and minimise soil moisture loss. Please note, wood chips, dead leaves or straw must undergo disinfection before use.

Irrigating the Vanilla Orchid by micro-sprinkler with both irrigation and misting can increase the humidity, maintain soil moisture level at 25%~30% and pH level at 6.0~6.5.


Vanilla orchid (Vanilla Planifolia) is warm-growing temperate plant. The average temperature is 21 ℃-29℃ during the day. Ideal temperature is 25℃-29℃.

Usually there is cold current during winter in Taiwan.

Because of the low temperatures in winter, Vanilla Orchid tends to be frostbitten and growth retardation.


The formation of Vanilla orchid buds require a short-term of low temperature, and this usually happens in winter.

The ideal average temperature is 15.5℃-27.8℃. And flower buds will grow when spring comes.


Vanilla Orchid (Vanilla Planifolia) belongs to family Orchidaceae and it is a vine. Vanilla Orchid grows best in bright filtered shade.

It can often become sunburned – leaves of orchids can look like brown spots or yellowing and even withering of flowers if plant Vanilla Orchid in direct sunlight.

In order to meet the light requirements of the Vanilla Orchid, we need to set up the trellis and use the shade net or have a greenhouse(shadenet House). It will help to manipulate plant development and growth by using shade nets with shade percentages or shade factor 50%.



The soil for Vanilla Orchid requires good drainage to prevent root rot.

Overwatering, soggy and waterlogged soil will damaged the root of Vanilla Orchid due to suffocation. Soil should be mixed with peat (4:6)and bark, charcoal or Hydroton clay pellets.

Fertilising the Vanilla Orchid 3~4 times a month by dilute orchid liquid fertiliser and fertilising the soils by organic manure quarterly. After all conditions are met for Vanilla Orchid, it will bloom after 2-3 years, and normally flowering in April-May.