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About us


Vanilla planifolia was first introduced by 「Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station」to Taiwan in 2007. We started to cultivate Vanilla planifolia from 2012. Today, our crop of Vanilla pod is good and getting stable. We have more than 3000 Vanilla planifolia now. The price of Vanilla pod is getting increased in recent year due to the crop of Vanilla pod is reduced from its native region. In Taiwan, the source of Vanilla pod is relied on import, and its market price fluctuations is volatile. Vanilla Knight would like to promote our local Vanilla planifolia by the event “ Vanilla planifolia in Taiwan” and also invite more local farmers to join this new market. We wish our local Vanilla planifolia can also help to reduce the greenhouse emissions and climate change by conserving fuel that it will cost to import food from another country. Support our local farmer, and utilise each of land in Taiwan in friendly way.



In early days, Vanilla is a kind of spice that only available for nobles. Until today, Vanilla is still precious. It is the second-most expensive spice after saffron. After slow-drying and fermentation of Vanilla pod for six months, the aroma is just sweet and smooth like cream. Adding Vanilla into dessert, it will enhance all the other flavours in your dessert deeper and complex. Without it, your dessert will tend to taste bland and flat.


Farmer and Chef


Our Chef Wei is enthralled by Vanilla. He spent lots of time to do research of Vanilla, and get the techniques from 「Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station」  to start to grow the Vanilla planifolia at his own farm. Not only as a chocolatier, Chef Wei is also a Vanilla farmer and develops his own brand “ Vanilla Knight”. Chef Wei not only loves to create the best dessert also devotes himself to promote the Vanilla cultivation in Taiwan. Vanilla Knight is the only one confectionery with its own Vanilla farm in Taiwan.

Zhenglin Wei